We are Inma Lázaro and Marco Conzi. We are part of a team of wonderful people. Marco discovered me one day this phrase: “Life is the art of encounter” by Vinicious de Moraes. He is an expert in this subject at the University of Life and we have made it our calling.

We are champions of Responsible and Respectful Cultural  and Creative Tourism in Córdoba. In addition to many dreams and ideals, we are accompanied by experience, training, passion and that feeling that we always enjoy like a child, wanting to fill everything we touch with magic and share it with others. If you want to know more about us.



We are experts in creating Cultural, Gastronomic and Business Tourism Experiences in Cordoba and its province.

Like a tailor made to measure. No suit is the same. We are your “Makers of Magical Experiences”. We like Slow Tourism: Slow Travel, Slow Food, Slow Life. We give you the ideas, which you can then personalise in detail.

We love art and culture. Inventing, creating and building. Music in all its forms and nuances. Painting, singing, dancing, reading and discovering. Travelling and meeting new people with their wonderful diversity of races, colours and cultures. Mixing with them and soaking up the place that welcomes us. Nature and people. We only do what we love, that’s why we put that special touch of magic. We want to give back and give everything that life has taught us.

Marco wants to give himself to others and share his world as he is, with his life story through the guitar and putting in black and white, by hand and with the Parker inherited from his father, his experiences throughout his life. And I add to this my training, love, respect and passion for Responsible Tourism.

Yes, we recognise it. We love Culture. And we know you do too. Culture that is powerful, fresh, always new and very modern. Mixed with our history, heritage and many adventures. And we combine this with the excellence of services backed by many years of experience.


Everything you imagine is a luxury you just have to wish for in your heart.

  • Can you imagine strolling through white alleyways full of open doorways that invite you to discover their secrets?

  • Can you imagine a friendly hand leading you to discover corners full of magic and adventure? Can you imagine opening a door and being greeted by thousands of flowerpots full of multicoloured flowers, chatting with each other and telling you stories that are lost in time of all the cultures that have passed through Cordoba?

  • Can you imagine the luxury of experimenting with your head and know-how, without forgetting the magic and the surprise? The luxury of calm, the security of your family, the luxury of time without haste and without queues? The luxury of appreciating the real essence of things? The luxury of nature and the real authentic?

  • Can you imagine the luxury of going back to your roots to rediscover yourself and shake hands with your inner child again, take him out of his boredom and make him smile and be happy again? And to dance, to sing, getting your hands muddy making pottery, to create…?

  • Can you imagine that every step you take gives you a perfume, a colour, an adventure, a dream or an unforeseen smile?

  • Can you imagine yourself, lover of art, culture and books, being moved by a song, a few verses, an unexpected butterfly or a flower that pulls you and takes you on an adventure? Would you like to find a destination where there are no limits between Tourism, Art, Enogastronomy, touching the earth, ancestors, today, miscegenation, discovery, passion, feeling like a child, closing your eyes, being amazed, dreaming, dressing up as an artisan, musician or poet, feeling your soul vibrate, recognizing yourself and discovering that the best of others is what makes you grow, find your essence and return home better?

  • Can you imagine going back with all that in your heart? Well, if you feel like it, we’ll give you the recipe. Because the more you give, the lighter you feel and the more you receive. And the more you receive, the bigger you become and the more you can give. It is a wonderful thing that grows endlessly and endlessly.


It is already a reality

To sow a small plant that grows stronger every day called “Cultural Cordoba all year round” and make our visitors-tourists-friends-of-the-authentic dream to boost the low season, provide quality work and introduce the element of “tourist sustainability” to all our experiences.

Decongesting our wonderful and unknown city in peak seasons, “distributing” the flow to other nearby points of the province equally magical. And to ensure that the coexistence between the inhabitants of the historic centre and tourists is fluid and respectful. Tourism without racial, cultural or physical barriers. Giving the best of ourselves to get the best out of everyone.

Uniting Tourism, Art and Culture in a definitive way, making the most of our artisans, artists and creative people, giving them value and making them participants in the Cordoba Sustainable City project.


Corporate Social Responsibility

The world is absurd at times. There is a lot of misunderstanding, inequality and intolerance.  That’s why we think it’s right to support people who have problems and to do our bit.

That’s why we are going to donate part of the amount of each booking to an NGO. We will be commenting on our RRSS the evolution of this initiative thanks to your bookings.
In addition, from the point of view of our personal ethics, all the contracts we have with service providers are legal and “blank”. The artists, craftsmen, professionals and experts who collaborate with us are paid with legal contracts and insured as required by law. This is very important to us.