Sephardic Jewish and/or Kosher Friendly Cordoba

Did you know that the first minister of the first great caliph of the West, the Umayyad Abderraman III, was a Jew, Ashday ben Shaprut?

The Jewish heritage in Cordoba is so exciting that it takes a long time to discover it in its entirety. Sages, literati, poets and highly cultured people sowing traditions that, through oral transmission, were mixed with the cultural melting pot that constitutes the Cordoba of today.


You will discover the essence of Sepharad in Cordoba, alive in invisible words hidden and interwoven in its walls. The labyrinthine white Jewish quarter.

Outside the Alcazar de los Reyes Cristianos, former seat of the Inquisition Court, the Castle of the Jewish Quarter, the location of the old Fonsario or Jewish cemetery at the Puerta de Sevilla, Calle Ashday ibn Shaprut in the centre of the White Quarter of San Basilio where many Jews used to live (depending on the time of year we can see a typical courtyard), La Puerta de Almodóvar, Calle Judios, Synagogue, Plaza de Tiberiades with the Monument to Maimonides, Artisan souk with artisan workshops that remind us of the old Sephardic tradition, Maimonides Square, the old Casa de las Bulas, San Bartolomé Chapel, JudáLeví Square, artisan jewellery workshop (where we will see small replicas of the rosettes of the Fernandine Churches, a design that, curiously enough, was used a lot by Jewish artisans) and La Casa de Sefarad, ending with wonderful Sephardic songs “a capella”. NOT available on Mondays.

Your Cordoba Sepharad Experience could only end with a Sephardic Lunch, in a house with a courtyard, of course.

  • Meeting point: At the hotel or directly at the Puerta del Alcázar.
  • Time : To be arranged. Preferably in the morning.
  • Duration : 4-5 hours

  • Languages : Spanish, English, French, Italian and German.
  • Included : Entrance fees and all the services described. Private guided tour.

    Note: There is the possibility of having a Certified Kosher Lunch with a supplement. Please consult us.

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