La “Feria de los Discretos” with Salmorejo and Perol Cordobés workshop

Pìo Baroja wrote “La Feria de los Discretos” after passing through Cordoba. It is about the adventures of Quintín García Roelas in the Cordoba of 1868 when the Revolution broke out. Would you like to find out more about all his adventures? Come and let’s follow in his cultural and gastronomic footsteps. Already, at that time in Cordoba two of its classics were consumed: Salmorejo and Perol Cordobés.


Salmorejo tastes like the Mediterranean (tomato, bread, garlic, extra virgin olive oil and salt) and has its origins from Roman times, like “mazamorra”. The Perol or rather, “ir de perol” is a typically Cordovan event that involves a whole social ritual. Ideally is to do it in the countryside but, if that’s not possible, we bring it to the city. If you have never been invited to one, this experience will give you direct access to our Diploma of Cordobesismo, after walking through the charming streets and adventures that Pio Baroja mentions in his novel.

You will discover

Calle Agustín Moreno which is the centre of the book La Feria de losDiscretos and the Palace of the Marquis of Benamejí, where Quintín García Roelas lived, the Church of Santiago, the Casa de las Campañas with craft workshops, the Patio of the Convent of Santa Cruz, founded in the 15th century (we will take with us handmade sweets from the cloistered nuns, of course), Plaza and Church of S. Pedro, Plaza de la Corredera and market, Templo Romano, Plaza de las Tendillas, Gran Capitán and Gondomar.

From here we will move on to a cool place from where we will make this gastronomic immersion, which we will taste and washed down, of course with our Montilla Moriles wines.

  • Meeting point: To be confirmed

  • Time: Whenever you prefer

  • Duration: 3-4 hours

  • Languages: Spanish, English, French, Italian and German

  • Included: All the above mentioned.   Exclusively private experience. 


Nº of persons Price per person
1 1000 €
2 530€
3 360 €
4 270 €
5 220 €
6 190 €
7 165 €
8 – 10 145 €
11 – 15 115 €
16 – 20 100 €
21 – 25 95 €
26 – 30 90 €

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