Iberoamerican Cordoba

When I was in Cuzco, my jaw dropped: one of those streets looked like an alley of our Cordoba! When I was in Cordoba in Argentina, I couldn’t believe it: the grilles on the windows and doors of the old houses were similar to those of the houses in the Jewish quarter of Cordoba. The courtyard of the Spanish consulate in Cartagena de Indias looked like a Cordoban courtyard! It just reminded me that I was in Colombia, a beautiful parrot full of a thousand colours. This was the starting point to get to know and love this other continent with which we have had ties for a long time. Customs, gastronomy, handicrafts, music… Even our beloved Flamenco has “palos” from “back and forth”! And the “cajón flamenco”? Yes, of course. It comes from Peru.

We are going to discover the traces of the Inca Garcilaso de la Vega, the first mestizo in history who was always proud to belong to his two cultures, the Inca and the Spanish. He travelled continuously and wrote and wrote. Come and discover his Cordovanfootsteps.

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You will discover

Roman Bridge, where heenteredthe city, San Basilio neighborhood where he lived, the walls and gardens of Qairouan, Puerta de Almodovar, Anton Cabrera Hospital where he took habits, the Cathedral Mosque where he is buried, the Monument to theInca Garcilaso and Calleja del Indiano, all about the life, history, society and customs of the time.

Your experience of Cordoba’sIbero-American Roots could only end with a theme lunch, in a house with a courtyard, of course, which is where the Inca lived and died. You will feel him whispering stories to your ear while you eat.

  • Meeting point: At the hotel or directly at the Puerta del Puente.
  • Time : To be arranged. Preferably in the morning.
  • Duration: 4-5 hours aprox.

  • Languages : Spanish, English, French, Italian and German.
  • Included: Entrance fees and all the services described. Private guided tour.


Nº of persons Price per person
1 485 €
2 290 €
3 225 €
4 195 €
5 170 €
6 160 €
7 150 €
8 – 10 145 €
11 – 15 130 €
16 – 20 120 €
21 – 25 115 €
26 – 30 110 €

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