Contemporary Cordoba

When we gotoff the train at Rotterdam station and walked out onto the street, I was struck by its architecture. The old city had beenfirst destroyed in 1940 by the Germans and then punished again in 1943 by mistake by the allied forces. And they decided to reinvent themselves. Rotterdam rose from the ashes like a phoenix and is now an example of contemporary European art. The whole city, cityscapes and skylines are like something out of an architectural studio. It has been a global city project. It reminded me that in Cordoba there are a lot of artists and creatives who fight every day for their ideals and defend their way of seeing life and the world.

In Cordoba, a Dutchman, born in Rotterdam, Rem Koolhaas, has been the author of the C3A project, Centro de CreaciónContemporánea de Andalucía. Here you will begin a journey through all that contemporary art that is sproutingin Cordoba, threading together modernity and popular culture, like a crossbreeding that makes you grow.


What we are going to do:

Gourmet “Besayuno” (from “kiss” in Spanish “Beso” and “breakfast”, in Spanish “desayuno”) in a luxurious secret place between white streets, restored with the best Italian Interior Design, C3A, Centro de CreaciónContemporánea de Andalucía, Fundación Rafael Botí and then we will go to see some other novelty in the city.

We will take a break for a refreshing drink and then visit the studio of a contemporary painter or sculptor. Depending on your tastes, we will select the one that best suits your interests and you will be able to visit, without any obligation, the studio, chat with the artist, have a small aperitif, see his works or the daily work in progress. For this we may need a car. We will take care of the transportation.

We will finish with a theme lunch in a restaurant where quality, creativity and innovation in cuisine go hand in hand. Enjoy your meal!

  • Meeting point: At the hotel.
  • Time : To be arranged. In the morning.
  • Duration: 4-5 hours

  • Languages: Spanish, English, French, Italian and German.

  • Included : Entrance fees and all the services described. Private guided tour.

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