Streets, markets and Master Chefs of typical Cordoban cuisine

If you like markets, cooking, investigating new recipes and flavours that have to do with the places you visit, we show you one more proposal to do in the UNESCO’S Cordoba.

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We will visit a couple of markets, starting with one of the most classic and iconic, full of exciting adventures around it, in the heart of our historic Centre.  There, mixed with meat, fish, vegetables, fruit, delicatessen and organic delicacies, they also sell books “by weight”, culture by the kilo. Culture by the kilo! How marvelous! We will choose one and continue our stroll through the city until we reach the most modern of our Gastronomic Markets, which we will discover stall by stall until we reach our destination point where, with the chef we will take a typical Cordoban cooking class, which includes apron, hat and participation certificate. If the group is a bit large, we can hold a real competition and our specialists will decide who the winner is.  

There are several options. From the essential Salmorejo and Flamenquín Cordobés toother Gourmet recipes, such as exquisite Croquetas, Ensalada de Vendimia, Arroz de presa ibérica, Alcachofas a la Montillana, Rabo de Toro or Berenjenas abuñueladas con miel de caña among others.  

We will end by tasting everything that has been cooked.

  • Meeting point: To be confirmed

  • Time: When you prefer

  • Duration: 3-4 hours

  • Languages: Spanish, English, French, Italian and German.

  • Includes: Everything mentioned above.   Exclusively private experience. 


Nº of persons Price per person
1 950 €
2 490 €
3 330 €
4 260 €
5 210€
6 185 €
7 175 €
8 – 10 145 €
11 – 15 135 €
16 – 20 130 €
21 – 25 120€
26 – 30 115 €

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