There are Spanish couples who decide to get married in Cordoba, as well as many foreigners who come and fall in love with the city, its corners, its perfumes, its people and its gastronomy.

When this happens, they only have to send an email and after a first contact for feed back, generic information, type of wedding they want, first steps and basic information about budget and event management, a face-to-face interview is arranged, if they come from time to time, depending on the place of origin or online.

The international language is English, but there are people like the Italians and French who prefer to do all the arrangements in their own language, which is not a problem for us.

There are brides who bring the dress directly from their country, but others are open to our designers from Cordoba to give it that special touch. Even for the pre-wedding or after party.

We take care of everything, preferably betting on very specialized local companies with great experience in this type of exclusive events: we propose locations and magical spaces, catering and restoration, the menu, trips for guests with pre and post wedding, wedding invitations and details, hairdressing, makeup, accessories, flowers, music, photography, video and audiovisuals, car rental, wedding list and even the honeymoon, which is usually an immersion in the most authentic Andalusia.

Some also don’t want to give up the experience that all of us from Cordoba feel at the Feria when we dress up to go. And feel the touch of the guitar, our corners and gastronomy: they love flamenquín and flamenco!

If you want a magical wedding: Come to Cordoba!

An unforgettable and unique wedding in this wonderful city.

We want you to enjoy all our customs in one of the most important days of your life, and we will take care of everything to make it perfect.
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