Because it is another world. When you sign up for a group tour, you have to wait for everyone to arrive, you don’t know if there will be 5 or 30 of you, you have to do roll call, wait in long queues to get into the monuments and the worst thing: each person comes from a different place, has different expectations, stories, culture and life, which is a real problem when it comes to having a “unique” and “tailor-made” experience, as a private tour always offers you. The peace, quiet and exclusivity that a private tour gives you is the added value that makes it always worth paying a little more for.
A guided tour can take many forms, but in general, it is usually a “typical” tour, given by people who do not always have the appropriate training and experience. This is something that is repeated and repeated, regardless of the person in front of you (age, education, tastes, life experiences…). Many types of “profiles” of people are mixed and it is evident that the message does not reach everyone equally.

An “Experience” is a total immersion of the five senses, which is personalized to the maximum, taking into account even the name of the people, nationality, age, religion, tastes, education, work, trips made… It is made specifically for a client or small group of similar interests. We can personalize as far as our “travelers-lovers-of-the-authentic” want.

Always. This way we avoid unnecessary queues and waiting so that all you have to do is enjoy yourself.
Of course, they can. We will always recommend the most suitable timetable depending on the days of the week, the season, local festivals… We especially like the most relaxed proposals and when there are less crowds and you can better capture the essence of the city. However, you have the last word and the timetable will be determined by your needs and interests.
Of course, we can. From all our proposals you can choose whatever you want: either just one of the various options included, or two… or complete it with another idea from ….. We invite you to contact us at any time so that you can allow us to personalize everything in detail. Even if you are only interested in one thing: no problem! Just write to us and it’s done!
Yes, of course. As each experience is personalized, we can pick you up there, or at the train station or go to pick you up at the airport ….or if you are interested, to make things quicker, we can meet you at a specific point.
As far as you want. We offer varied and original options. We will continue to expand them little by little. But there is always “something more” that we are willing to give you depending on who you want to surprise or the magic that you want us to discover for you.
Of course,you can. With our trusted partners in neighboring cities, the magic, adventures and surprises are guaranteed!
Of course, they are. Let us know when you make your reservation and we will adapt our proposal so that you feel comfortable and enjoy your visit to the maximum.
In general, yes. But you have to take into account that most of the monuments are closed on Mondays, except for the Mosque Cathedral and some private museums. You should always check these timetables.
Of course, they can. Any type of diet is a stimulus for our creativity: Celiac, lactose intolerant and/or any other food, restrictions for health or religious reasons, vegetarian, vegan…
The transfer must be made by VISA card or to the ARQUIA account with IBAN ES95 3183 1400 5331 0237 8225, BIC CASDESBBXXX in the name of Inmaculada Lazaro Corral.

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